Gobind Khiani

Position: GAPV Inc
Categories: Steering Committee 2024

Gobind N Khiani, a distinguished alumnus of the University of Calgary, is a seasoned change-maker in the energy sector. Along with a Fellowship, he is on the Board of Directors for Energy Sustainability Training for Young Engineers and Geoscientists and Canadian Prairie Group of Chartered Engineers since 2019, and also serves as Chairman of the End User Group at API 609 and Vice-Chairman of Standards Council of Canada. As the past chair of the CBEC of APEGA, he has showcased his leadership and contributions to professional engineering organizations.

His expertise extends across diverse domains, including strategy, governance, engineering management, sustainable development, and operations. Gobind is adept at enhancing standards, ensuring technical compliance, and spearheading research and development initiatives. His proficiency also includes Asset Performance Management and Integrity projects.
As a dedicated volunteer, Gobind contributes significantly to technical standards, particularly in energy and public safety pertaining to ESG in ECCC and EPA.

In summary, Gobind’s rich background encompasses leadership roles in industry organizations, deep involvement in technical standards, and a commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in engineering. His multifaceted expertise makes him a valuable contributor to the energy sector and a mentor in shaping the future of engineering. He extends his impact as a mentor emphasizing his commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovators.